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Exquisite Jewellery, Unique Gifts, & Expert Repair

Unique gifts for all of life’s special moments.

Your Trusted Family Jeweller in Campbell River

Thong's Jewellery & Repair Ltd. is a family-run business, operating as an established family jeweller in Campbell River for 38 years. We carry a broad range of merchandise, including watches, wedding rings, pendants, chains, and bracelets. We also provide on-site jewellery repair.

Selecting a Jeweller

As skilled jewellers, Thong's Jewellery & Repair Ltd. brings passion and flair to selecting the perfect gift. We understand that elegant presentation is essential to great gift giving and great lasting memories. Choosing jewellery is also about choosing a jeweller like Thong's Jewellery & Repair Ltd. With a jeweller like us, you can expect expert custom work, repairs, and designed jewellery.

While some jewellers send pieces out for repairs, you won’t have to worry about losing track of your piece with us as we handle all our services in store. Whatever piece you need help with, whether it’s an engagement ring or your family’s precious jewellery, we’ll work with them securely in our store. 

We’ll also make sure to provide quicker service. Our work can be done within a few days, or if our situation permits it, our work can be done right away.

Male jeweler examining diamond ring in workshop

Building Trust

Building a relationship with each of our clients is essential in assuring that each subsequent choice will be right. Thong's Jewellery & Repair Ltd. strikes a beautiful balance between being exclusive and inclusive. We enforce and encourage this balance by making sure there’s always someone in the store that can help all clients make choices that work best for them.

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Unique Gifts

Our jewellery shop offers exclusive brand-name lines with elegant choices of enduring value for celebrating the most important events of life, such as weddings and passing down heirlooms. We also feel it is essential to include gifts for the smaller passages — a niece's graduation, a friend's birthday, or a loved one’s special moment. These gifts are of high quality but less expensive. You can buy a treasure for the price of a few trendy gadgets. We can also special order unusual pieces and locate a treasure on short notice. Whether you choose an exquisite Canadian piece or create your own piece with the assistance of our on-site goldsmith, you will be delighted with your diamond that is 100% guaranteed to be mined, cut, and polished in Canada. Visit our store today!

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  • Custom designed jewellery
  • Watch repairs
  • We buy gold
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Servicing Upper Vancouver Island

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